Monday, 26 October 2009

Wot no bloggin?

Sadly not. I am far to busy (lies, lies and more lies). My blog is borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. I keep finding better places to be.

In the last month I have seen my eldest son turn 19. My middle son went off for two nights without family (school trip)into the scary world of adventure; gorge walking, abseiling, team building and outdoor pursuits at Ghyll Head in the lake district. My baby can now run and as a result gets into much mischief. Too cute. As for me, I am still happy with either needles, hooks or pins.
I like the sound of that.

I used to be found on UKS a lot but now I find craftster to be much more in tune. I am a happy home maker now and not so much athan a paper princess. I am interested in home decor and all things sewn and embellished seem to be my favourite things. I am too busy to blog often. I am not even sure anyone even reads this, but I'm doing it anyway. And having fun.

So here's to you doing what ever it is that you love to do, whether you do it good or do it bad, just do it and keep doing it and smile all the way. :)

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

So much time has passed.

What have I been doing?

Stitching, and crochet.

We have had family over and we were away and now No2 son is back at school, the nights are drawing in and I can look forward to more time being creative indoors with the family.

Some images

Monday, 3 August 2009


I remember completing a bar chart in Maths when I was in junior school. Gosh my memory serves me well. I think I remember because it was about rain fall and you guessed it, August has the greatest rainfall so why are we all shocked and stunned that the long term forcast is wet? Lets embrace the dampness and know that being stuck indoors means playing with toys. Yummy :)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

All swaps CJs etc now complete and posted.


I love swaps. I love CJs but sometimes the inspiration does not come and when that happens well...

Now that the kids are off and (they are recovered from swine flu now) they need all my attention so I won't be swapping until the holidays are over. Boo hoo.

I will however be playing. :)

Monday, 20 July 2009

ramble, prattle over

I did promise to blog more and show more of my creations. Well I have been really busy. Not crafting I am afraid and I have very little to share but I am going to keep blogging along.

My dear aunt who was like a mum to me visited last week from Barbados. I am lucky enough to have spent 2 days with her. She has gone to visit family and friends in London and beyond this week and next and then she will return to her family in the West Indies. I really miss her.

So life has been in effect getting in the way. In a good way.

On the homefront the work men from hell are still bodging every job and making my heart heavy. I am trying not to freak out too much. Today is an off day. My home is a no workmen zone. I needed some time out around here. I won't see them now til Weds. Whoopee Doopee doo.

Marcus has broken up from school today. I know, it seemed really silly going in for just one day but he had a fab time so I am really please for him. My young man goes back next year to enter his final year of Primary. I cannot believe that already.

Today and tomorrow are make and play days. I have to get some things finished and sent off.

ramble, prattle over. I forgot how cathartic blogging is.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Almost there

Now over the last five weeks I have had builders in. My house seems to be covered in a thin layer of dust. I am at my wit's end with it all. DEEP BREATHS are completely necessary.

As for being crafty well I can't really get to my stuff. I am late with a CJ and that is primarily because I cannot access my stuff but also due to lack of MOJO.

I have been in the house for weeks. I feel caged. Poor Angelo has been stuck with me. I feel much better for getting that out and now feel that I can focus on the positive.

I have had steps built in the back garden and aside from topsoil and seed/turf being laid, our garden is really taking shape. I just hope the weather improves and then I will be able to enjoy it.

I got my printer back, but it has not been repaired. Boo hoo. I need a new one. Sounds like shopping to me. :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Busy busy busy

Now if you want something done, they say, ask a busy person. That would be me then. I have some exciting projects near completion to share but I have no printer at the moment and when i upload images I use the port on the front of my printer for my Memory Stick. Basically the LCD display that allowed me to manipulate my images has died. Methinks it is the battery. Anyhow I have finally unplugged it, dusted it down and packaged it up to a dealer for repair. No more images for now as I have absolutely no idea where the correct usb lead is.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Good Bye MJ

Despite my attempts to be good and get on here often and say something useful or do something productive, I have failed. I am not going to beat myself up too much because perhaps I had nothing to post and in that case I'd rather post nothing than waffle on about nothing.

I can't help feeling saddened by the loss of Michael Jackson to the world though. And that seems odd when I have such mixed feelings about him. Overall he made great music and lived, what I consider to be, a tragic life because of it.

When it seems every single teenager in Western culture dreams of notoriety for something or other, I think Mr Jackson's life should lay as a warning.

I want to remember the positive, but there is so much negative. I think in death, as in life, Michael Jackson will be preserved in controversy.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Father's Day

We made a full English for John this morning. He really enjoyed it so we did good.

Friday, 19 June 2009

an up and down sort of day

Marcus is on packed lunch at school and loves Domo so I purchased a new lunch bag for him and designed a felt over simplified Domo face for him. The sack was the cheapest of the cheap and plain so it needed to be decorated as far as I could see. Well here are the results. He loves it so I am chuffed to pieces.

My kitchen is in. (huge grin) I have just found a leak in the seal around the sink's plug-hole. GREAT! (heavy sigh) That's another snag to be sorted on Monday. Ah well. Still got no oven. Hob food or take out. Take out it is.

Angelo is knackered. He has been ill for the past few days with a bit of a cold and his routine has been badly affected by all the building works that seem never ending and ultimately fraught with problems.

Marcus has taken part in Tesco's Great School run over a distance of a mile. This was not a sponsored event. He now has an award to commemorate the day. I am so proud of my boy. He has just showed me his confirmation letter for a trip to Ghyll Head.

Today has been one of those up and down sort of days.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Yesterday morning I sat at the computer checking emails and such like when i noticed something at the side of me. I popped the ruler there to show scale. The thing was moving about 12" away from my head. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

And did I mention how much Angelo loves yoghurt!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Me and cross stitch

Made this card for my friend's son today. I think it turned out well. I have found that all crafts appeal to me. Things from the past such as knitting and cross stitch are finding their way into my current life. I was inspired by a pair of earrings and thought the idea would translate into cross stitch so I experimented with the design on squared paper before committing to Aida. I like what I did. I hope he will too. He is one mind you and I know this is not the babiest of cards but I thought it might look cute in a frame on his wall.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Poorly thumb

Feeling pretty sorry for myself.

On Saturday I spent a short time in casualty at the local hospital. I wrenched my thumb whilst grabbing hold of my 10 year old.

We were on the way to his swimming lesson when I noticed that not only was he not wearing a belt, but that he had been walking on a pair of trousers that were having their second outing. I told him to pull them up to find that seconds later there he was doing it again and now a hole had appeared in the bottom of the virtually new trousers. I told him what was happening and he started to give me a mouthful of tweenie attitude and so gripped his arm to let him know that I was not impressed.

My thumb joint made a squelching noise. I was in instant agony. I almost passed out. Needless to say I won't be trying strong arm tactics on my laddo again as my arm (or thumb) is not strong enough. Serves me right for losing my temper. We might be in economic hardship, but my son is worth more to me to a pair of trousers no matter how much they cost.

On a lighter note we went to friends for dinner last night and the kids played together in an inflatable pool. Kids and water...

Thursday, 11 June 2009

How time flies

Gosh it has been a week and a day since my last post and this is me making an effort. I suppose this time I do have an excuse, I have been preparing for the school fare. It was today. I had intended to record the event with a few snapshots here and there, but my trusted camera stayed at home with hubby and the bairn. I had a good time but people were not prepared to pay for my handmade goodies. There are three possible reasons for this (A) my stuff was rubbish
(B) people are feeling the pinch in the recession
(C) people are too cheap and do not appreciate hand crafted.

I hate the thought that my stuff was rubbish, but I think some of it was. I tried to appeal to the common denominator and I think I failed. I did not prepare enough variety and I can't say I was well organized because I was not, but on the upside I was advised to seek out craft fares which means my stuff was good enough to be considered craft not tat. I am pleased with myself. I did make some money and so with the kitchen in a state (due to building works) we are having pizza on me.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday witterings.

Wednesday's are pretty busy around here, but today is special. Tomorrow the builders arrive. I won't run out of things to blog about over the next 5 weeks as I am sure I will be peeved over something they do that I will need to vent here. I am just a little stressed. I hope things go smoothly, but I am sure there will me moments of madness too. Ah well change is good. Later I have to empty the kitchen of my appliances so that I can still use them. The cooker and washer will stay but everything else has to find a new home. Kitchen come dining room me thinks. Amongst all the madness I know I will still find time to play.

Just got my electricity bill for this quater it is just over £400. That seems very expensive to me. I have had my gas bill and that is just £40. Think I need to check out some info on saving energy.

Made these yesterday. Friendship bracelets. They are made from embroidery floss and are ready for my craft table at the fair next week. I need to make some more but I have a few to make a start. Don't feel so panicked now.

Monday, 1 June 2009


Well that just sounds dra mat ique and truly it is not that bad. I just keep remembering that I need to sort things out and then I freak out because there is so much to do. And what am I rambling on about. The table top sale I do every year. Every year is the same. I panic, work late into the night just before and usually I do okay out of my £10 initial outlay. I just need to get on with it because the sale is a week on Thursday so there really isn't much time.

So knowing this I am sat here and have been for ages surfing, now blogging. What are you going to do when the weather is this good.

After school the boys and I went to the park. Angelo just loves the swing. I am really fortunate to live very close to a quiet child friendly park. We spend hours there as it is a stone's throw from our house and I figure we need to spend as much quality time together; quality not expensive, especially now. It breaks up the day and stores great memories up for my kids. I know there is little time but I cannot keep my kids locked in just because i failed to organize now can I?

I need to set realistic goals and achieve some level of creativity for this sale daily and then it will be okay. (crosses fingers, eyes and toes; well I did start off saying that I am dra mat ique. lol

Did I say Angelo loves the swings?

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Talacre 09

Last year we visited this beach with friends and yesterday we returned. It is such a lovely peaceful place. There is a huge lighthouse a vast expanse of sand and dunes and of course the sea which is so shallow it is great for paddling in. It was a great day. Marcus loved digging around in the sand and found hundreds yes hundreds of ew yucky jelly fish.

Angelo hated being on the sand. I don't know if he disliked the texture or the heat. He would not keep his hat on the little rascal, fortunately we were pitched under John's fishing umbrella. What a godsend that was. We sat in the shade and I crocheted. Yes I crochet. I was so relaxed. John and Marcus paddled. I walked down to the beach and we tried to fly our kite. Well we are novices and it didn't really work but we had a super day. Talacre has such fond memories for us. we will get there again soon.

Friday, 29 May 2009

And then there were two

I think I am a bit excited. Not finished a work in progress. This is horse number three by ann wood. Love it. I think it needs glitter and black texture. mmmm...

Horsey horsey

...don't you stop
just let your feet go clipperty clop
your tail goes swish and your wheels go round
giddy up we're homeward bound.

I love that nursery rhyme.

Here's mi first horse.

Not finished, but prepared for play.

I cut the template and traced it onto cereal packet. I have primed it for decoration with three coats of white acrylic. This is horse no 2 from Ann wood's horse templates.

I love the thought of decorating this template. The possibilities are endless.

Another ta da moment will follow.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ta da!

and here it is complete.

My little pink purse. :)

Change is good

My favoured tools at the moment are needles and pins. I seem to have jumped from paper to fabric and yarn at the moment as my scraps of choice. Yey for change. I am not one to stick at things for too long. I get bored. I must have a low boredom threshold. Luckily I don't tire of my children, I supppose that could have something to do with the fact that they don't stay the same. :lol: I do so wish this blogger had smilies. (humph)

I bumped into an ex colleague and his partner today. It was lovely to chat about old times. We will be meeting up soon for our anual get together. A whole bunch of us eat out once a year. Teachers can't half chat. The night seems to go on for ever but in a great way. Moving on from that role has done me the power of good. I am so much lighter because I no longer live for work and despite being much less wealthy, I am much more at ease with things. No my life is not perfect far from it,but my priorities have been readjusted. Home is where my heart and effort is. Its the best place for me.

Anyway change is good.

Look what mi needles and pins are helping me to produce this week :) Can you guess what it is yet?

A ta da moment will follow.

Okay so I found this and I now need to make horses. I need something to fill my son's bedroom wall. I think a few of these made for display will go down a treat. His walls are green. I am thinking paddock etc. Must get busy. I printed off the templates here. Hope I don't gett into trouble linking without permission. I will take the link out if there is a problem.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Almost a year ago

you came into my world.

Boy how time flies. You can stand up and say down.

I don't get time to keep up with this blog. I rarely craft (with paper) I have reverted back to needles.

Must try to post some of my makes.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bring on the Sun

Yesterday saw the end of winter and the official beginning of spring. We are officially in daylight saving time. It is almost half seven and it is still light out. Woo who.

Angelo made his first attempts to climb the stairs today. He managed three or four. I cannot remember as I was freaking out at the time. I think I need a stair gate RIGHT NOW!!! I wish I had pictures to share. Might try to get some with the help of dad tomorrow.

Dollydaydream is my first test doll ignore the roughness as this doll is my practice peice. I am working on my own pattern

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Norty Norty. I've been shopping. Whoops!

New Title

Sew Pretty Homestyle plopped onto my doorstep yesterday. Yippee!

I must have thumbed the pages dozens of times drooling over the content. It is simply delicious.

I also got Doodle StitchingI have looked through it. I do like it but I love Tone Finnanger's style so her book totally overshadows this one.

I did trace out some new templates which is so getting ahead of my self as I have projects on the go from my first title. I really do feel an addiction coming on.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sew Tilda?

My love for all things Tone Finnanger began at the stitch and craft show in Manchester. I went with my aunt(Feb 7th). I usually go with my craft buddy and attend both shows; Feb and Sept religiously. We usually wander around feeling disappointed at the lack lustre stash on offer. There seem to be aisles of embroidery supplies and scant paper crafting stalls. My experience was different this year because I went with my aunt. She isn't a paper crafter, she's into jewelery and sewing; she was looking for resources and supplies. We looked at stalls I would not have. This experience has opened me up to new craft adventures.

We spent most of our time and money at the two bookstalls they have there. I really did enjoy myself and found inspiration in my first Tone Finnanger title; 'Crafting Springtime Gifts'.

I have taken the pledge all gifts this year will be hand made. So far I have created two wall hangings for two small children. My first was from a pattern I made for felt Indian Elephants. This one was horizontal. I have no photo. :(

This is my most recent make. I have incorporated Tone Finnanger's small geese pattern to create this piece. I am pleased with how it has turned out and I am sure Izabelle will love it.

It does look better hanging :) (HONEST) he he he

Finding resources online for Tone Finnanger who is Norwegian is difficult to say the least. There are a few but nothing in the UK and very little in English so I have created a Yahoo group called sew tilda which can be found here. Leave a message in my comments with your email if you would like to join in the fun. I'll send you an invite.

A work in progress

Sunday, 11 January 2009

...and a Happy New Year!

New year, fresh start. I am wiping all slates clean and starting again. I am forgiving myself for all the dumb things I did in 08 and starting a fresh in 09 (making mistakes that is; I will be forgiving myself this time next year so what they hey).

My hopes for this year are many but the most important one of all is spending more quality time with my family. So what are we going to do to make sure this happens? Firstly, we are going on holiday. I am yet to book something but I have begun the holiday fund so I am working towards my biggest goal. We did not holiday last year as I was lumpy. (Hugs to all the lumpy ones out there). This year has to be different. Our holiday won't be anything grand, credit crunch and all. It is likely to be at home as John won't fly. I fancy Wales. Portmerion to be precise, but staying in the resort could prove to be too costly so I imagine somewhere close will have to do. Must get researching. I cannot wait.

My mojo ran off towards the end of last year. Being a new mum again affected my artistic stride. I have relocated my craft nest; I can now be found dominating the space dining room. My latest find is Tyvek. I've painted a few sheets to play with later. I promise to post the results, but only if they are good.