Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Me and cross stitch

Made this card for my friend's son today. I think it turned out well. I have found that all crafts appeal to me. Things from the past such as knitting and cross stitch are finding their way into my current life. I was inspired by a pair of earrings and thought the idea would translate into cross stitch so I experimented with the design on squared paper before committing to Aida. I like what I did. I hope he will too. He is one mind you and I know this is not the babiest of cards but I thought it might look cute in a frame on his wall.


  1. Nice work with your cross-stitch card. Very effective 'Space Invader' I am sure he will love it !

  2. cool! :)

    I'm in the middle of doing a pacman needlepoint, coincidentally :)

    well,I say in the middle. I started it months ago and haven't touched it in ages, but I expect I'll finish it by 2011 or so...


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