Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday witterings.

Wednesday's are pretty busy around here, but today is special. Tomorrow the builders arrive. I won't run out of things to blog about over the next 5 weeks as I am sure I will be peeved over something they do that I will need to vent here. I am just a little stressed. I hope things go smoothly, but I am sure there will me moments of madness too. Ah well change is good. Later I have to empty the kitchen of my appliances so that I can still use them. The cooker and washer will stay but everything else has to find a new home. Kitchen come dining room me thinks. Amongst all the madness I know I will still find time to play.

Just got my electricity bill for this quater it is just over £400. That seems very expensive to me. I have had my gas bill and that is just £40. Think I need to check out some info on saving energy.

Made these yesterday. Friendship bracelets. They are made from embroidery floss and are ready for my craft table at the fair next week. I need to make some more but I have a few to make a start. Don't feel so panicked now.


  1. Love the bracelettes and hope that you aren't plunged into total choas with the builders. xx

  2. Sweet bracelets, I havent made any of those for a long time - I wonder if I remember how? Good luck with the builders!


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