Sunday, 31 May 2009

Talacre 09

Last year we visited this beach with friends and yesterday we returned. It is such a lovely peaceful place. There is a huge lighthouse a vast expanse of sand and dunes and of course the sea which is so shallow it is great for paddling in. It was a great day. Marcus loved digging around in the sand and found hundreds yes hundreds of ew yucky jelly fish.

Angelo hated being on the sand. I don't know if he disliked the texture or the heat. He would not keep his hat on the little rascal, fortunately we were pitched under John's fishing umbrella. What a godsend that was. We sat in the shade and I crocheted. Yes I crochet. I was so relaxed. John and Marcus paddled. I walked down to the beach and we tried to fly our kite. Well we are novices and it didn't really work but we had a super day. Talacre has such fond memories for us. we will get there again soon.


  1. Isnt Angelo getting big now he is still gorgeous and my lot still wont wear hats!! I am trying to do crochet now but am finding it difficult. I just got a let's crochet magazine and it launches straight into patterns I cant understand!!

  2. Oh writing in the sand really takes me back to my childhood. I have a sudden urge to do it again. Great post.


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