Monday, 1 June 2009


Well that just sounds dra mat ique and truly it is not that bad. I just keep remembering that I need to sort things out and then I freak out because there is so much to do. And what am I rambling on about. The table top sale I do every year. Every year is the same. I panic, work late into the night just before and usually I do okay out of my £10 initial outlay. I just need to get on with it because the sale is a week on Thursday so there really isn't much time.

So knowing this I am sat here and have been for ages surfing, now blogging. What are you going to do when the weather is this good.

After school the boys and I went to the park. Angelo just loves the swing. I am really fortunate to live very close to a quiet child friendly park. We spend hours there as it is a stone's throw from our house and I figure we need to spend as much quality time together; quality not expensive, especially now. It breaks up the day and stores great memories up for my kids. I know there is little time but I cannot keep my kids locked in just because i failed to organize now can I?

I need to set realistic goals and achieve some level of creativity for this sale daily and then it will be okay. (crosses fingers, eyes and toes; well I did start off saying that I am dra mat ique. lol

Did I say Angelo loves the swings?

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  1. Oh you'll do it gal..there's nothing like a deadline to kep you awake late at night!! Angelo is just too cute!


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