Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sew Tilda?

My love for all things Tone Finnanger began at the stitch and craft show in Manchester. I went with my aunt(Feb 7th). I usually go with my craft buddy and attend both shows; Feb and Sept religiously. We usually wander around feeling disappointed at the lack lustre stash on offer. There seem to be aisles of embroidery supplies and scant paper crafting stalls. My experience was different this year because I went with my aunt. She isn't a paper crafter, she's into jewelery and sewing; she was looking for resources and supplies. We looked at stalls I would not have. This experience has opened me up to new craft adventures.

We spent most of our time and money at the two bookstalls they have there. I really did enjoy myself and found inspiration in my first Tone Finnanger title; 'Crafting Springtime Gifts'.

I have taken the pledge all gifts this year will be hand made. So far I have created two wall hangings for two small children. My first was from a pattern I made for felt Indian Elephants. This one was horizontal. I have no photo. :(

This is my most recent make. I have incorporated Tone Finnanger's small geese pattern to create this piece. I am pleased with how it has turned out and I am sure Izabelle will love it.

It does look better hanging :) (HONEST) he he he

Finding resources online for Tone Finnanger who is Norwegian is difficult to say the least. There are a few but nothing in the UK and very little in English so I have created a Yahoo group called sew tilda which can be found here. Leave a message in my comments with your email if you would like to join in the fun. I'll send you an invite.

A work in progress

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