Monday, 15 June 2009

Poorly thumb

Feeling pretty sorry for myself.

On Saturday I spent a short time in casualty at the local hospital. I wrenched my thumb whilst grabbing hold of my 10 year old.

We were on the way to his swimming lesson when I noticed that not only was he not wearing a belt, but that he had been walking on a pair of trousers that were having their second outing. I told him to pull them up to find that seconds later there he was doing it again and now a hole had appeared in the bottom of the virtually new trousers. I told him what was happening and he started to give me a mouthful of tweenie attitude and so gripped his arm to let him know that I was not impressed.

My thumb joint made a squelching noise. I was in instant agony. I almost passed out. Needless to say I won't be trying strong arm tactics on my laddo again as my arm (or thumb) is not strong enough. Serves me right for losing my temper. We might be in economic hardship, but my son is worth more to me to a pair of trousers no matter how much they cost.

On a lighter note we went to friends for dinner last night and the kids played together in an inflatable pool. Kids and water...

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