Thursday, 30 July 2009

All swaps CJs etc now complete and posted.


I love swaps. I love CJs but sometimes the inspiration does not come and when that happens well...

Now that the kids are off and (they are recovered from swine flu now) they need all my attention so I won't be swapping until the holidays are over. Boo hoo.

I will however be playing. :)

Monday, 20 July 2009

ramble, prattle over

I did promise to blog more and show more of my creations. Well I have been really busy. Not crafting I am afraid and I have very little to share but I am going to keep blogging along.

My dear aunt who was like a mum to me visited last week from Barbados. I am lucky enough to have spent 2 days with her. She has gone to visit family and friends in London and beyond this week and next and then she will return to her family in the West Indies. I really miss her.

So life has been in effect getting in the way. In a good way.

On the homefront the work men from hell are still bodging every job and making my heart heavy. I am trying not to freak out too much. Today is an off day. My home is a no workmen zone. I needed some time out around here. I won't see them now til Weds. Whoopee Doopee doo.

Marcus has broken up from school today. I know, it seemed really silly going in for just one day but he had a fab time so I am really please for him. My young man goes back next year to enter his final year of Primary. I cannot believe that already.

Today and tomorrow are make and play days. I have to get some things finished and sent off.

ramble, prattle over. I forgot how cathartic blogging is.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Almost there

Now over the last five weeks I have had builders in. My house seems to be covered in a thin layer of dust. I am at my wit's end with it all. DEEP BREATHS are completely necessary.

As for being crafty well I can't really get to my stuff. I am late with a CJ and that is primarily because I cannot access my stuff but also due to lack of MOJO.

I have been in the house for weeks. I feel caged. Poor Angelo has been stuck with me. I feel much better for getting that out and now feel that I can focus on the positive.

I have had steps built in the back garden and aside from topsoil and seed/turf being laid, our garden is really taking shape. I just hope the weather improves and then I will be able to enjoy it.

I got my printer back, but it has not been repaired. Boo hoo. I need a new one. Sounds like shopping to me. :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Busy busy busy

Now if you want something done, they say, ask a busy person. That would be me then. I have some exciting projects near completion to share but I have no printer at the moment and when i upload images I use the port on the front of my printer for my Memory Stick. Basically the LCD display that allowed me to manipulate my images has died. Methinks it is the battery. Anyhow I have finally unplugged it, dusted it down and packaged it up to a dealer for repair. No more images for now as I have absolutely no idea where the correct usb lead is.