Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Another visit to the Midwife

Today I had my final appointment with the midwife (pre baby that is). My next visit to her office is scheduled for 14th May. I hope I don't have to attend.

I did not see the midwife that normally sees me. I saw someone else. I have no relationship with her and it kind of took me back when we got there. I wanted to ask lots of questions but it felt really rushed today and I have come away feeling very flat.

I was advised to ring the Midwife Tirage when I go into labour. I was then told that at that time I could be told that the dept is full. How much of a nightmare is that? I know our Maternity service is in crisis but I did not expect this. I would not be so stressed about it if my pregnancy was straightforward. Little man is presenting face first (OP) for those in the know which means labour could be longer and more painful I was told. Being informed that the dept is full (I know,, this might not happen) is just another stress.

On a positive note I did find out about Baby Massage classes; where and when they are etc. I cannot wait and will be participating as soon as I can.


Monday, 21 April 2008

Getting out and about

Isn't it wonderful what the sun can do. Well it changes my mood, makes me want to be active and gives me a general boost. Guess what kind of weather we have been having?

I did manage to get out and about today. I took care of some business, the Dr's and visited my close friend who is a new mum then boring food shopping. I seem to be surrounded by babies or pregnant women, or women who want to be pregnant. And so the world grows.

Baby is a boy and is called Cassius. He weighed in at 91b 10 oz so not so small then. Mum is doing fine but there were complications with the birth. Thankfully her little man is doing fine now. He did have breathing problems and was a very deep shade of purple due to this when he was born. His little face and eyes are still really bloodshot and he is very sleepy, but he is well. Thank God.

I know for some it is difficult to conceive, others have problems with babies for a number of reasons when they are born. I know I have been really lucky and I am thankful for the experiences that I have had. My eldest was early, severely jaundiced and the labour was intense, but my second was a breeze. What lies in store this time I really do not know. I pray things will go smoothly for both me and my unborn child.

I don't plan to have any more children (I know that every mother says this at this point), but I feel I have done my bit for Mankind and my family.

For the moment I am trying to enjoy my pregnancy and the idea of being mum again.

Friday, 18 April 2008

How many wees can one do in a night?

I did 6 last night. I am obviously very tired this morning because of this but I will be taking a nap this afternoon to compensate.

Just thought I'd share. :)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

36 Week Check up, other hostpital appts. and an interview

What a scare that was to start off with. When the Dr examined me to see what the position of the baby was he couldn't tell whether he was breech or not! Alarm bells began to ring. Caesarian nightmares flashed through my head. Off we went for a positioning scan which revealed that whilst the baby is in an odd position, his head is down. His back is facing mine which means he is facing upwards. This unexpected event has its merits as we were given the opportunity of yet another photograph.

I had hoped it would be third time lucky with this one, but my diamond geezer does not do still very well and despite a very crisp image of his face appearing on screen the one we were given in print is blurry indicating once again that my little man is just a little camera shy.

He looks very like Marcus to me and John. My LEVI's don't seem to be as strong as John's. Oh well at least there can be no denying on his part.

It is hospital day in our family. I have been, my dad ist there also re cataracts and John's dad has been re kidney stones. I need to make some phone calls later to find out what has occurred. I just hope they haven't had any scares.

Josh is attending a college interview for next year too. I hope he gets the news he wants to hear.

Its all going on. Life at least is not dull. I am grateful. :)

Monday, 14 April 2008

With Just 4 WEEKS to go

I seem to have developed a renewed mojo. About blinking time I would say. I have been creating lots of bits and bobs. I have photos too.

Here we go:

This is my BIA interactive book made for a swap on UKS. I used K and Co Roam papers primarily and Bazzill cardstock. I am really happy with the way that it turned out and hope that the recipient enjoys it too.

I used the same papers to make a wall hanging name banner for one of my close friend's daughters. I used coasters for the backgrounds which were primed painted and papered. I embellished some of the papers with crystal glitter to add a bit of oomph. I cut letters from coordinating Bazzill and embellished them. Some were sewn, others were glazed, some were left plain, the others had buttons attached or prima flowers. YES Prima Flowers. The original ones. I have a small jar of mixed colours obtained from RAKs and swaps. They came in really handy for this project. I have kept myself busy as you can see.

TFL :)