Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Train your Dragon

What a fab flick.  We escaped Scrapsville and went to the IMAX to watch 'Train your Dragon'.  My son is eleven and I am older than that and I loved it but I would exercise caution with younger ones as it is quite loud in parts.  We did see the 3D version and it was worth the extra cost.  I know people download films but I love the cinema experience.  If you can, go see it.

It has been a while since I had the time to spend with my older son.  I love his company.  He is such a lovely boy.    I am thrilled to be his mum.


We are off to the pictures today.  I don't what we are going to see there is a lot to choose from.  Daddy and baby are staying in Scrapsville while we have our little outing )my  middle son and I).  Well expect some sort of review later.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Pitta pizza

Yummy.   Our quick pitta pizza went down a treat last night for tea in Scrapsville.  Marcus is turning into a regular Gordon Ramsay.  I loved our time together in the kitchen.  It was inspiring watching my tweenie work.  His tomato sauce was a superb treat.  Totally tasty!

And here's the proof just in case he never ever cooks again.

To make pitta pizza you will need:
Pitta Bread (wholemeal if you a trying to be healthy and the kids will never know)
Buffalo mozzarella
Plum tomatoes
Black Pepper
1/4 tsp Oregano
1/4 tsp Basil
1/4 tsp Mixed Herbs
Garlic puree or lazy garlic (the real thing if you don't mind the extra time)
Tomato Puree
(you could add salt but we chose not to as Angelo was eating with us too)
Your fave toppings.  We had peppers, (pickled) whole garlic cloves,  black olives, pepperoni, mushrooms and red onion.

Put your uncut pitta bread to one side on a baking tray.
Prepare your cheese by draining and slicing.  You could rip it up with younger ones too.
Make your tomato base sauce by mixing the tomatoes minus the juice from on tin of plum toms.  (you can use fresh, but they will need to be skinned) in a bowl  and add Oragano, Black Pepper, Basil, Mixed herbs, garlic and tomato puree to taste.  (taste)
Create your pizza by spooning the base mix onto the pitta (leaving a small margin around the edge of your bread). Add toppings and then cheese. 
Bake i the oven for 10-15 min on 180-200 c

Voila.  Enjoy your pitta pizza.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Spring break

Today is the first day of the spring break in Scrapsville.  :) :) :) My son (who is leaving primary school this year) is having a well earned rest.  It has been a typical start to the holiday season with the heavens opening, but the upside of that is that the flowers will benefit and we will see their splendor and remember that the seasons have changed.  I am so happy to be heading towards summer.  We seeded a lawn a few weeks back and nothing much has happened so far, this rain will help.  Roll on summer;barbecues and outdoor living.

We went to the public library this morning to pick up some books Marcus had reserved.  I found this great vintage craft book .

Delights to be shown at a later date.

We popped into the supermarket. For tea we are making homemade pitta pizza.  (Try saying that fast).  This is such a great idea for getting kids in the kitchen and spending quality time with youngsters when they are on holiday.  It is an ideal way up breaking up the time they spend in cyberspace or video-game-land.  We have purchased a selection of toppings and will be making our own tomato base with herbs and spices to be used later.  Even my little one will be involved.    I even feel a scrapbook page coming on.

Well, I must not sit here and neglect my sons for much longer.  Enjoy the break.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Daylight Saving

It is officially British summer time.  Yippee.  I lost and hour's sleep last night, but the upshot of that is spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner.  There will be an abundance of light and I look forward to all the wonderful things this season promises.

I have been sewing today.  I stayed up late last night to make a few purses for three teenage girls today.  I wish I had photos but they were made really quick and gotten to their new owners so fast my camera had no time to flash.  I have plans to make more.  I will post new spoils here.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


This is the spoils of the day  is a mixed media bookmark made from felt, air drying clay, card and acrylic paint and  each of the eyes are embroidered with a French knot.

 I think he is very cute.  Tactile and super sweet, but I am praising myself which is no praise at all.  If you like leave a comment and let me know you passed by.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

What is the difference between mauve and lilac?

I did not get far in the hunt for miniature water in Scrapsville yesterday.  I have not found anything thus far today, but that is because I have had my fingers full of that clay I love so much and I have been creating.  Today I have been working with the lilac/mauve (I don't really know the difference between those colours except they are both related to the pink and purple family) clay I mixed a couple of days ago.  I have made Priscilla.  She is faceless at the moment.  I will work on that later.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I have been rooting around the net recently in Scrapsville.  I can say for sure that I cannot get enough of that there cold porcelain.  Mostly I am finding sites in Portuguese which I do not speak.  Thanks to Google pages can be translated so that does take some of the pain out of it.  I keep looking and I find more and more.I thought I knew about most crafts so finding this one has been revolutionary and very exciting.  I have been busy making and I am no where near bored.  The evidence is here

There are a few projects in the pipeline.  My current project is a diorama.  That is such a cool word.  My headphone peeps have a lovely little world with trees and grass.  I want to make a lake.  Hmmm water.  I think I will take a mosey around to find out what the people in the world of miniatures do for water.  I will come back to share.

Monday, 22 March 2010

The adventures in cold porcelain continue. Mmm I am loving this medium. I am totally getting carried away with it. I have made three batches now. I am still working with the second, but I don't want to run out. That would be BAD.

Here are some sneaky peeks. The creation is coming along. Will post more piccies when it is complete.

More colours

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Thank goodness for modern detergents

Yes the green crayon came out of everything that mattered. Phew!

Friday, 19 March 2010


I love him, but he is into everything. My dryer with clothes in and a green crayon. Need I say more. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH

On the other hand, these babies were made out of the rest of the red batch of Cold Porcelain so something good and something bad.

I think I will mix some turquoise next. After rewashing my clothes. I hope it comes out or at least fades. I have cleaned the dryer drum of its residual green tinge.

You just have to love kids don't ya.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

This stuff is totally cold.

In scrapsville today I have been mostly making things from cold porcelain which is the fabbiest thing ever.  (until I find something new to play with).  I am a totally hands on person.  I love all things tactile and crafty so I am defo onto a winner with this one and it is safe for me to use with the kids so I am in love.  Right enough.  Today I mixed colours and made these


More adventures in cold porcelain to follow.

Adventures in Cold Porcelain

I made Horace Butt-Bott from cold porcelain air drying clay.  He was inspired by the polymer clay creations of Lesley Levings.  He is made from the following recipe

Cold Porcelain (Microwave method)
N.B.  Read these instructions carefully before you begin.

one cup of  cornflour
one cup of white glue (Non Toxic) Tacky Glue
2 tblsp White Vinegar
2 tblsp  Baby Oil
Nivea cream (regular blue jar )
Glass bowl (microwavable)
oven proof heat resistant sheet or waxed paper (work surface)
medium sized plastic bag (food bag)

Mix the cornflour and glue in the glass bowl. Mix until you have a smooth paste.  Add vinegar and baby oil and mix again until all ingredients are combined.  This really does not take long and is worth the effort.

Using 30 second bursts start cooking the mixture in the microwave. After each interval of cooking, stir using your spatula.  This can be hard work, again is not a long process. Don't worry about the Nivea it is used at the end. 

How long the entire cooking process takes will depend on your microwave wattage. I work with an 800w  so I  need 1 minute 45 seconds. 

You will know the mixture is cooked when it is stiff, and in one lump.  The mixture will be hot so be careful at this stage.  It should be sticky but not stick to you too much.  If you pull at it and it sticks to you it is too moist.  Continue cooking until you can pull a piece off and manipulate it without it sticking to you.  Now for the Nivea. 

Take a tablespoon of the cream and smear it onto your work surface ovenproof sheet or waxed paper.  Spread an even layer all over the sheet.  Now take some for your hands.  Take the mixture out of the bowl.  It will still be warm so be careful.  You do need to work with it while it retains heat.  Knead your paste.  Keep needing until you are happy with the consistency.  It should be smooth and consistent.  When you are happy pop your paste into a plastic bag which has been smeared with Nivea.  Wait until it is cool.  Most recipes recommend waiting 24 hours before using your batch so would I.

Remember this is an air drying clay.  How long your creations take to dry will depend on how thick your clay is.  Horace has a tacky centre  He has been drying overnight.  I think he will take a day or two to be completely dried out.

N.B.  Your creations must be varnished or they will perish.  Use a water based varnish in matt, or gloss depending on your preferences and if you want to see what can be done with Cold Porcelain, I suggest you google, but don't get lost in the the web have fun.

Happy playtime.  If you do decide to use this recipe please leave a comment with a link, I would love to see what you achieve. 

I love this as a safe alternative to Fimo/Sculpey etc for kids.  It dries really hard and can be painted. 

Oh the possibilities.

Colouring your clay is easy.  Once you have decided on a project, take the amount from your batch.  Knead. You want to dry your clay out a bit.  Keeping it in the atmosphere dries it out.  Kneading it dries it out which is why you keep your batch in plastic and use cling film to cover smaller pieces of you design until needed.  Use acrylic paints directly squeezed onto your piece of clay continue kneading unitl the colour is what you want.

Right that's it.  My adventures in cold porcelain will continue to day in Scrapsville.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Flower Power and Cold Porcelain and BLOG CANDY

Mum calls me madame butterfly noithing to do with Puccini.  I just flit from one thing to another.  I would agree, with all things creative I am in love.  Today I found this recipe for something called Cold Porcelain.  Well I am going to be beginning an adventure in Scrapsville incorporating this unknown medium later today.  Hmm.  I cannot wait to share my spoils.

As for the shop.  Well I have new things to add today.  Blooms, Corsage, flowers for the lapel, call them what you want.  I have used the basic instructions found in another post.  I like the way they look and  if you do,  you can have one; blog candy style Just read leave a message with your email and I will mail you back.  Fret not I vet all posts and will remove your email from the post.   I will pick a number from a receptical (I don't own a hat).  It could be you.

Your flower:

Monday, 15 March 2010


Today I sold my first item in my shop Made by Monika.  I am very happy.  Picture me in Scrapsville skipping and high hand clapping.  Yes I am filled with glee.  Scrapsville is a very happy place.

OH is making our garden useable.  We have a path and the lawn has been seeded.

 What a busy weekend.  Come to think of it today has been the same.  I started the day with a much needed sort out and organization of the creation station in Scrapsville.  I had hoped to continue with Mr Mouses tailored jacket (which I must say is looking really rather fetching now that the pins are gone and some much needed top stitching has been completed).   That was the plan.   However, I did not expect a visit from a desperate friend.  Nor did I expect to be making a dodgy Victorian urchin's  children's costume.  Working without a pattern seems to be something I keep doing.  I am getting better with each experimental sewing adventure.  The mop hat was made from a circle of white fabric and incorporated the use of shirring elastic.  I have never used  it before. but I will use it again.  It was easy to make.  I will post a tute in the next day or so.

Friday, 12 March 2010


A first for Friday in Scrapsville is my tailoring.  Mr Mouse needed some clothes.  I sat, twiddled and tweaked and come up with this.  He now needs something to read to accompany him and  his  hot beverage. (coffe with milk)  Anyhow, he needs trousers for me.  I have some great fabric, but no pattern so I think I will be twiddling and tweaking until he is fully dressed.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Well everywhere you look there are flowers. Huge ones seem to be the trend on lapels or hair accessories and in home-ware. Flowers are doing the rounds. Roses, daisies and poppies infact anything goes. Flowers are in. Fabric is the material. My contribution to this trend was inspired by Lolly of Lollychops who credits another blog 17 turtles. Find the link here

This is going on my coat. The front

The back.

And I think the flower looks great with this softie.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Another new card

I am exciting myself with this card making malarkey. Here's another one.

On the outside message free suits me. You can write what you like on the inside and in the event that you need an emergency card you will always have one. I think I will use up the fimo birds I made last night before starting something new.

Patches mark II has now left Scrapsville and has been adopted by a dear friend. I know he will love his new home where he will be adored. I need to make Patches Mark three. Hee hee.

Promised Photos or impending images, I cannot decide which I like best.

We have patches mark II and an un-named creature yet to wear a facial expression.

I made this card last night with my new toys by Donna Dewberry.

I have made a great mess, but I totally had a great time.

Friday, 5 March 2010

And so I ask myself....

Can a woman ever have enough bags?

The resounding answer is NO!  So here is another tute for those who like to find free stuff to make on the net (especially BAGS).

I need to have some time to create.  I have just returned from another shopping trip.  Earlier in the week I was gifted a book and I bought some markers and canvases.  The results of playtime have yet to be shown.

Today I bought crayons from a £1 shop and silicone cupcake moulds to make unbreakable crayons for my toddler.  They are melting away as we speak. ( and stinking the kitchen out with possibly toxic fumes because I got carried away with this very wordy blog post) The oven will be busy today as I will be making cottage pie; our most recent family favourite family meal.  Do you, like me, get stuck with a dish for a while and then move on or is that just us, here in Scrapsville?

Thanks for the lovely  comments on my 'cloud and rainbow wall hanging'.  I am currently developing thematic ideas so there could more in the pipeline.  So watch this space.I am totally thrilled with it.

The good news
This week I found out that my eldest will be attending our first choice high school.  Yipee.  I did pray about this a lot.  God is good.  My little man had not such a wonderful week as he had to have jabs.

The not so good news (when you are feeling positive), or The bad news (for those who have a 'half empty glass' approach to life).

He was well overdue for his MMR.  In the outset he was ill and so the original date of inoculation was missed.  Then I got cold feet and Dad and I wrestled with the idea and in the end we settled on having the injection because the others had and now that I write that down it seems so stupid, but I think we were looking at the odds of a negative outcome being remote because we had escaped that with our other children.  What can you do about such decisions?  My answer is to pray.

After the injection he was given Calpol (pain relief) and I did some shopping.  When we got home and he was released from his pushchair, he would not walk.  He had regressed and shouted 'OW'.  I felt so mean.  He did not walk until the following day.  My long winded point is that agonizing over his having the medicine meant him agonizing over its administration.  He should have had it at 13 months he is a full 10 months late.  Let's just say if in the remotest possible instance that I am mad enough fortunate enough to get pregnant for the fourth time the decision would be to just go a head at the proper time and spare the child the agony.

To do
Post piccies.  I will be back.