Monday, 31 January 2011


The whole house is down with germs.  Angelo looks really pityful, my throat has an odd lump when I swallow and I feel totally trashed.   Poor Marcus seems to be doing the best out of all of us, but even he is worn out and run down.  We need sunshine as a tonic.  Come on spring.  Not long now.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

new project

Those of you who have been around a while must be aware that I am a crafty butterfly; flitting here and there, from one craft to another.  This week I have been revisiting my love of paper;

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

awesome goodies

I have had a bit of a splurge. I have to admit it was fun.  Its not something that I do often, but every now and again a girl needs treats.  I am easily pleased, I don't need Minolo's I just like crafty bits and bobs.  The spoils are as follows:

I really didn't spend very much and I got some great bargains.  Anyway I will make some new crafty creations with this lot very soon.  I will share.  I promise.

Angelo did really rather well out of the whole affair, getting not one but two pairs of shoes.  I do like bargains.  He got a great pair of kickers and another pair.  These are like trainers, but Clark's so they are not bad for his feet.

He loves them, can't you tell.

He wore them home. 

I must admit the shoe shop was great. He even had a go on a train ride whilst I paid for his new footware!  What a great shop.

No crafting for me today, but lots of shopping so I am not complaining.

Now don't wait to be inspired, do something to make your hands happy.

I am up late.

This is why.  The work-in-progress I mentioned.

It has taken a few hours to get to this point.  I tweaked Laura's z mini book tute.  I love how it turned out.  I love the way it is turning out, but it  is too late to wax lyrical about what I've been doing. (hence the repetition) I need to do more.  (After much needed sleep!)  I'll post my progress over the next few days.

Just before I pop off, don't forget to keep checking back as my planned week of tutorials is happenning very soon.

Now, make your fingers happy; do something creative!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Wow!  The weekends here are really busy.  Yesterday I went to Manchester City Centre with Angelo and met up with my Aunt.  We had a good look around the shops and chatted along the way.  It was fun and made a change.  We speak often on the phone, but we see each other less often.  We really had a fun day.

I took this picture of the two of them on the bridge near Piccadilly Railway Station.
Angelo loves his aunt.  That is why he has such a smiley face.

My fingers have been busy.  They always are in one way or another, but it is a WIP and I am not ready to post piccies just yet.

I have found a great new blog called followingthepapertrail.  The work of this splendid paper crafter has inspired my latest work.  I will share I promise, but for now check her out.

Go on make something.  Give your hands something fun to do.

Hit this giveaway too.  Great fabrics for all of you who love to strike vintage print fabrics.  YUMMY.

Friday, 21 January 2011

we be popcorn making...

Yes this post is late.  And those of you who are dieting turn away from the computer right now! This shiny, crunchy and sweet!  Tis yummy and delicious to eat.  Marcus made me do it, honest.  And look here he is eating it too!  Friday nights should be like this :)

messin' around or finger sabotage?

I can't help my self.  These fingers of mine are always hankering after something to do!  I don't know what they will do next.  I would call it sabotage myself.  This was a perfectly good blog.  It is now transformed and there is no way back.  Yesterday I was happy with it but today I am not so sure.

Clearly from the weather we are having it is not yet spring, but that restless notion that everything must be uprooted to be cleaned and reorganized is surging in me.  It has resulted in my reorganizing my crafting space.  It has led to the messy sessions I have had here trying and I fear failing, to improve my tired blog. My crafty fingers have a lot to answer for that is all I can say.

Have your say.  Do you still enjoy visiting scrapsville?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

methinks a new banner is needed!

I have been using GIMP over the last few days.  It is a great program.  I am going to make a new banner in the next day or so.  The week of tutes prep is going well.  I do hope to post with accurate details about when that will be but believe me it will not be long.

I am very excited about getting this off the ground.

If you have suggestions for tutorials you would like to see please feel free to leave your ideas in your comments and you might just be lucky.  At the end of the week I will be giving away things that have been made so please do keep coming back.

I have noticed that the traffic for this site has been increasing and I seem to be getting a few more comments so please do let me know you are out there.  Leave me a comment to make me know you like visiting Scrapsville.

I have to go now to do some more digi stuff in Gimp.  I am getting quite good at it. x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New outlook!

I have been playing, can't you tell!  Some much needed house keeping.  I like the grey I hope you do to. 

New bracelet

Images taken with real light!

The colours are really great and remind me of spring; pink blossom colours mixed with grey skies and pretty purples.  The contrast of warm and cool colours creates an overall balance.  I will be wearing this all the time.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Button Bracelets

I absolutely tried every thing to make it look good, it looks rubbish.  It is not rubbish.  I'll take better pictures tomorrow.

Deco tape and button bracelets

I did say I would try deco tape.  I did.  It works.  Whoopee

I love swap bot.  I have been swapping since late last year. I joined up years ago but never really did it back then.  Well I am glad I came across it again.  I get so much fun and pleasure out of swapping.

I've been making button bracelets. My pictures won't upload.  I will try again later.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Super quick and easy seals.

Not the furry kind that you find in colder climes.  No!  The kind that replace stikcy tape.  Those cute little adhesive stickers that have an image or some other cuteness to detract from the fact that they are just holding two bits of paper together.  All things can be pretty as far as I am concerned if you are bored enough or strange enough to have these random ideas.

This is what you end up with.

I'd go with this option over expensive seals or boring tape.  To make your own, grab one of my very cute stamps.Hit the shop link, or use one you have already.  Roll out some tape about 8" and lay this gently on the reverse with the stick side up.  Take you inked stamp and hit the tape.  Re ink before each hit.  You can make your own deco tape in this manner as and when you need it.  Mix and match your ink colours and stamps for something a little more flavoursome.

What hides inside this package is a recent swap item pocket doll swap on swapbot.

I hope the recipient likes it.

Now don't just sit there getting lost in cyberspace.  Go do some making and make your hands happy!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Quite a collection and other musings

I took this photo of my stamp collection.  Hand carved stamps.  This image does not include, swaps, sales, or gifts that I have made for others.  It does not include the gifts I have received either.  I the short time that I have been crafting in this way I have already carved this many! Those relegated to the dustbin have not been included either!

I love this craft.  It is quick, requires very little and the gratification is almost instant.

Each stamp is different. Even if they have the same styled image. The uniqueness is achieved by the very fact that each one is carved individually.  Enough already!

This week I have been trying to write a few tutorials.  I would like to plan a week of tutorials, featuring things I love to do that I hope to share.  That's a work in progress I will announce this blog event when I am nearer completion so keep watching.  I will be hosting giveaways too.

Well I'll be craftin' on.  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 7 January 2011

This week in a nutshell.

Okay so Tegg's Nose took it out of me.(us)  Marcus started Spring term at school; meaning early mornings and getting back into the swing of regular routine.  Phew it has been a week!  I have had two pieces of great news this week.  I am very blessed.

  Tegg's Nose.

Bookmarks I've made today.

These fabric book marks are great fun and easy to make. You only need a few bits and bobs from your sewing stash, simple skills and great result will follow.  Do you want a tutorial?  I'll do it if you say you want it.  Not today though. The weekend has arrived and there  is much to do!

And this!.  A male pocket doll for my two year old son.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Teggs Nose Wore me out!

Wanna know?  I will blog it tomorrow.  I am lay on my bed, I can barely type.  I am done in! I've had  fab day :)