Thursday, 28 May 2009

Change is good

My favoured tools at the moment are needles and pins. I seem to have jumped from paper to fabric and yarn at the moment as my scraps of choice. Yey for change. I am not one to stick at things for too long. I get bored. I must have a low boredom threshold. Luckily I don't tire of my children, I supppose that could have something to do with the fact that they don't stay the same. :lol: I do so wish this blogger had smilies. (humph)

I bumped into an ex colleague and his partner today. It was lovely to chat about old times. We will be meeting up soon for our anual get together. A whole bunch of us eat out once a year. Teachers can't half chat. The night seems to go on for ever but in a great way. Moving on from that role has done me the power of good. I am so much lighter because I no longer live for work and despite being much less wealthy, I am much more at ease with things. No my life is not perfect far from it,but my priorities have been readjusted. Home is where my heart and effort is. Its the best place for me.

Anyway change is good.

Look what mi needles and pins are helping me to produce this week :) Can you guess what it is yet?

A ta da moment will follow.

Okay so I found this and I now need to make horses. I need something to fill my son's bedroom wall. I think a few of these made for display will go down a treat. His walls are green. I am thinking paddock etc. Must get busy. I printed off the templates here. Hope I don't gett into trouble linking without permission. I will take the link out if there is a problem.

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