Monday, 11 August 2008

Why do things go missing???????????

I have a really important meeting today. It is a meeting I have been dreading for a while now. I had prepared most of the paperwork for it in advance, but left a little bit of sorting for this morning. Well, I cannot find what I am looking for. The letter with the time of the meeting has disappeared. Grrr! I am going nutty looking around the house and thought a bit of chill out (which is why I am doing this) might help me to relax and therefore get sorted. I mean the letter has simply been misplaced. It is not lost. It better blooming hadn't be.

Over the weekend I have been working on my submission for my August UK Art Lottery entry.

Sneaky peek.

I have also completed my bunting for a swap on UKS hosted by me.

The swap is near its end and I have to go away, unexpectedly. Oh my! This should cause only a small delay to the swap out date. I hope that swap ends on a high note. I am sure it will, the work I have received for it this far has been stunning.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Angelo is now 12 weeks old. How time flies!

He blows raspberries, has developed one curl at the front of his head. Very swet-pea-sque. He has found his hands and stares at them for ags. He is tthing too nd dribbles for England.

Over the last few weeks he has begun to come into his own. I really enjoy being his mum. He is a wonderful son.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I've been

busy. I wish I could say with craft, but no. Little man takes such a lot of time to deal with, play with, cuddle with. You get the picture. Tomorrow he will be twelve weeks old and in that time I have truly grown to love him. I really want to enjoy every minute of him as I know how baby time flies.

August has to be one of the busiest times of the year with appointment after appointment here there and everywhere scattered through the month. My birthday is close to the end of the month. I will be 37. Nuff said on that one. I feel fifteen so I am not complaining.

Sarah/Flo works too hard, but some of that hard work is really going to be fruitful in an artistic sense as she has created an on-line raffle which I am participating in. I am loving it and I love her for having the imagination and creativity to get this thing off the ground. Whoop, whoop for Sarah.

Right off to catch the end of tonight's episode of BB. I know it is sad, but true. :)