Friday, 14 January 2011

Quite a collection and other musings

I took this photo of my stamp collection.  Hand carved stamps.  This image does not include, swaps, sales, or gifts that I have made for others.  It does not include the gifts I have received either.  I the short time that I have been crafting in this way I have already carved this many! Those relegated to the dustbin have not been included either!

I love this craft.  It is quick, requires very little and the gratification is almost instant.

Each stamp is different. Even if they have the same styled image. The uniqueness is achieved by the very fact that each one is carved individually.  Enough already!

This week I have been trying to write a few tutorials.  I would like to plan a week of tutorials, featuring things I love to do that I hope to share.  That's a work in progress I will announce this blog event when I am nearer completion so keep watching.  I will be hosting giveaways too.

Well I'll be craftin' on.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Monika these are amazing! I especially like the spirally thing, the little frame, and most of all your lil dudes with the headphones on like the ones you made from that mock porcelain before.

    As a very happy recipient of some of your gifted stamps, I can vouch for the quality too!

    Did you see the journal page I made the other day with one of your stamps? :) And I did finally carve one myself (one that hasn’t ended up in the bin unlike all previous attempts), for my project zero thing, but it’s very simple and uninteresting compared to yours.

    I do wish I lived closer to you as I’d love a hands on lesson on how to do this. I have some lino cutting tools but they just seem too clunky, and I don’t seem to be able to get anywhere near the fine level of detail as you can achieve. Ah well, will keep practicing :)

  2. Loving these stamps, can't wait to see how your collection grows over the next few months!

  3. These are awesome!!!! Tutorial please :D


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