Wednesday, 26 January 2011

awesome goodies

I have had a bit of a splurge. I have to admit it was fun.  Its not something that I do often, but every now and again a girl needs treats.  I am easily pleased, I don't need Minolo's I just like crafty bits and bobs.  The spoils are as follows:

I really didn't spend very much and I got some great bargains.  Anyway I will make some new crafty creations with this lot very soon.  I will share.  I promise.

Angelo did really rather well out of the whole affair, getting not one but two pairs of shoes.  I do like bargains.  He got a great pair of kickers and another pair.  These are like trainers, but Clark's so they are not bad for his feet.

He loves them, can't you tell.

He wore them home. 

I must admit the shoe shop was great. He even had a go on a train ride whilst I paid for his new footware!  What a great shop.

No crafting for me today, but lots of shopping so I am not complaining.

Now don't wait to be inspired, do something to make your hands happy.

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