Friday, 21 January 2011

messin' around or finger sabotage?

I can't help my self.  These fingers of mine are always hankering after something to do!  I don't know what they will do next.  I would call it sabotage myself.  This was a perfectly good blog.  It is now transformed and there is no way back.  Yesterday I was happy with it but today I am not so sure.

Clearly from the weather we are having it is not yet spring, but that restless notion that everything must be uprooted to be cleaned and reorganized is surging in me.  It has resulted in my reorganizing my crafting space.  It has led to the messy sessions I have had here trying and I fear failing, to improve my tired blog. My crafty fingers have a lot to answer for that is all I can say.

Have your say.  Do you still enjoy visiting scrapsville?

1 comment:

  1. I love the new look!! It looks so cool! Also love your faux stamps and the rubber stamps you make. I use my 'Phone Edz' stamp to make everything around work look more funfunfun!!! I even tried the sticky tape stamping and decorated some glassware with it...and you can't even begin to imagine how much glassware i use at work!!! Brilliant : ) Thank you for being so're amazing!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You let me know I'm not on my own.