Monday, 29 March 2010

Spring break

Today is the first day of the spring break in Scrapsville.  :) :) :) My son (who is leaving primary school this year) is having a well earned rest.  It has been a typical start to the holiday season with the heavens opening, but the upside of that is that the flowers will benefit and we will see their splendor and remember that the seasons have changed.  I am so happy to be heading towards summer.  We seeded a lawn a few weeks back and nothing much has happened so far, this rain will help.  Roll on summer;barbecues and outdoor living.

We went to the public library this morning to pick up some books Marcus had reserved.  I found this great vintage craft book .

Delights to be shown at a later date.

We popped into the supermarket. For tea we are making homemade pitta pizza.  (Try saying that fast).  This is such a great idea for getting kids in the kitchen and spending quality time with youngsters when they are on holiday.  It is an ideal way up breaking up the time they spend in cyberspace or video-game-land.  We have purchased a selection of toppings and will be making our own tomato base with herbs and spices to be used later.  Even my little one will be involved.    I even feel a scrapbook page coming on.

Well, I must not sit here and neglect my sons for much longer.  Enjoy the break.

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