Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Flower Power and Cold Porcelain and BLOG CANDY

Mum calls me madame butterfly noithing to do with Puccini.  I just flit from one thing to another.  I would agree, with all things creative I am in love.  Today I found this recipe for something called Cold Porcelain.  Well I am going to be beginning an adventure in Scrapsville incorporating this unknown medium later today.  Hmm.  I cannot wait to share my spoils.

As for the shop.  Well I have new things to add today.  Blooms, Corsage, flowers for the lapel, call them what you want.  I have used the basic instructions found in another post.  I like the way they look and  if you do,  you can have one; blog candy style Just read leave a message with your email and I will mail you back.  Fret not I vet all posts and will remove your email from the post.   I will pick a number from a receptical (I don't own a hat).  It could be you.

Your flower:

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