Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I have been rooting around the net recently in Scrapsville.  I can say for sure that I cannot get enough of that there cold porcelain.  Mostly I am finding sites in Portuguese which I do not speak.  Thanks to Google pages can be translated so that does take some of the pain out of it.  I keep looking and I find more and more.I thought I knew about most crafts so finding this one has been revolutionary and very exciting.  I have been busy making and I am no where near bored.  The evidence is here

There are a few projects in the pipeline.  My current project is a diorama.  That is such a cool word.  My headphone peeps have a lovely little world with trees and grass.  I want to make a lake.  Hmmm water.  I think I will take a mosey around to find out what the people in the world of miniatures do for water.  I will come back to share.

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