Friday, 5 March 2010

And so I ask myself....

Can a woman ever have enough bags?

The resounding answer is NO!  So here is another tute for those who like to find free stuff to make on the net (especially BAGS).

I need to have some time to create.  I have just returned from another shopping trip.  Earlier in the week I was gifted a book and I bought some markers and canvases.  The results of playtime have yet to be shown.

Today I bought crayons from a £1 shop and silicone cupcake moulds to make unbreakable crayons for my toddler.  They are melting away as we speak. ( and stinking the kitchen out with possibly toxic fumes because I got carried away with this very wordy blog post) The oven will be busy today as I will be making cottage pie; our most recent family favourite family meal.  Do you, like me, get stuck with a dish for a while and then move on or is that just us, here in Scrapsville?

Thanks for the lovely  comments on my 'cloud and rainbow wall hanging'.  I am currently developing thematic ideas so there could more in the pipeline.  So watch this space.I am totally thrilled with it.

The good news
This week I found out that my eldest will be attending our first choice high school.  Yipee.  I did pray about this a lot.  God is good.  My little man had not such a wonderful week as he had to have jabs.

The not so good news (when you are feeling positive), or The bad news (for those who have a 'half empty glass' approach to life).

He was well overdue for his MMR.  In the outset he was ill and so the original date of inoculation was missed.  Then I got cold feet and Dad and I wrestled with the idea and in the end we settled on having the injection because the others had and now that I write that down it seems so stupid, but I think we were looking at the odds of a negative outcome being remote because we had escaped that with our other children.  What can you do about such decisions?  My answer is to pray.

After the injection he was given Calpol (pain relief) and I did some shopping.  When we got home and he was released from his pushchair, he would not walk.  He had regressed and shouted 'OW'.  I felt so mean.  He did not walk until the following day.  My long winded point is that agonizing over his having the medicine meant him agonizing over its administration.  He should have had it at 13 months he is a full 10 months late.  Let's just say if in the remotest possible instance that I am mad enough fortunate enough to get pregnant for the fourth time the decision would be to just go a head at the proper time and spare the child the agony.

To do
Post piccies.  I will be back.

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