Monday, 15 March 2010


Today I sold my first item in my shop Made by Monika.  I am very happy.  Picture me in Scrapsville skipping and high hand clapping.  Yes I am filled with glee.  Scrapsville is a very happy place.

OH is making our garden useable.  We have a path and the lawn has been seeded.

 What a busy weekend.  Come to think of it today has been the same.  I started the day with a much needed sort out and organization of the creation station in Scrapsville.  I had hoped to continue with Mr Mouses tailored jacket (which I must say is looking really rather fetching now that the pins are gone and some much needed top stitching has been completed).   That was the plan.   However, I did not expect a visit from a desperate friend.  Nor did I expect to be making a dodgy Victorian urchin's  children's costume.  Working without a pattern seems to be something I keep doing.  I am getting better with each experimental sewing adventure.  The mop hat was made from a circle of white fabric and incorporated the use of shirring elastic.  I have never used  it before. but I will use it again.  It was easy to make.  I will post a tute in the next day or so.

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  1. congrats on the sale, Monika :) I've never had the guts to try and sell anything, I couldn't take the rejection if nobody bought anything lol


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