Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Why I love my sewing machine

Today I have been sewing. I did some voille curtains for a friend. I had to put side hems on each piece. I have been busy doing this for most of the day. It has been a learning curve, but what I do know is that I am grateful for my sewing machine. I could not have done the job as quickly or securely by hand.

The machine was given to me. It is such a splendid gift. I am still really appreciative to the wonderful person who saw fit to give it to me.

Things I've learnt about sewing voille:
it needs to be stretched otherwise it puckers YUK
stretching fabric can lead to broken needles! I've broken six.

The job is done. It's reminded me of two reasons to be grateful and I am sure the friend I've done the job for will be thankful too.

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