Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thankfulness. Today I am thankful for true friends. My friends do their best to help others. It is a rare quality in people which I admire so much. I am lucky to have sudh great friends; people who willingly put others before themselves and are happy doing it.

The weather today has been much cheerier than of late. This morning's grey skies have been replaced by little fluffy white clouds amid azure blue. My bulbs are coming up in the garden and the sun flowers are really growing too. I am having a green finger moment.

There is relative peace in my house. The children are with friends on a trampoline. Kids and bouncing in the great outdoors goes well as mix don't you think!

Well. I've stolen some of my free time to blog and now my time is over, I have to head off into the kitchen to prepare our tea.

What made you feel thankful today? Share I'd love to know or indeed seeing as I've done no crafting thus far today, what has made your hands happy? Leave a comment.

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