Thursday, 5 May 2011

Grateful Giveaway

Today I am grateful for rain. We are not quite a drought levels but the rain is very welcome. I love the smell that is created when it hits parched ground. It really reminds me of being a young girl; watching the rain fall in the summer months from inside willing and waiting for it to break so that I could play outside. I opened the front door before just to drink in that special smell. Funny how smells do that. What smells evoke something strongly for you? Share I'd love to know.

Today has been a stay at home and craft day. I did have a reason not the leave the house as I was awaiting the delivery of my youngest's first bed. Well the mattress. I got the bed last week. It is now almost ready for him to use. I need to rearrange a little before he sleeps his first night in his very first bed.

I carved these today;

The light is not much cop. But hey you get the idea.

Grateful giveaway means that you can be the owner of these stamps. I would like to gift them to you. Please leave your email address in your comment. I moderate all comments and I will delete your information before your comment goes public.

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