Saturday, 26 February 2011

fabric boxes

This tute makes it oh so simple. I did this one tonight. I need many many more. I have so much fabric that it should not be a problem. This one uses some floral fabric and upcycled denim from an old pair of jeans. I am pretty pleased with the result if not the image.

My daylight bulb has has its last day. It was a day for things dying today. My iron gave up too. Luckily Argos had this little beaut on offer at less than half price.

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It is more than a match for my old one.

Did I mention my dodgy back? Well as I get older this thing seems to get worse. A twinge here or there years ago has not progressed to my not being able to walk or bend properly. Well enough moaning. Sitting still has meant that my fingers have been happy all day engaged in fun making. (well not all day, but you get my drift).

He hum. Tomorrow is another day. I have much in mind for project fun and play. :)

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