Monday, 28 February 2011

hooking happiness

I love those colours!

Well, those of you who know me, know I love to make my hands happy. Hooking with the softest merino yarn has made my hands happy and allowed my back to rest. I did go to the quack's this morning just to get everything checked out. You will be glad to hear it was just a pulled muscle and nothing more sinister. Enough moaning. This is what I have been making this weekend. Boy am I happy.

I am making a cushoin cover from random granny squares. I love these colours.

I did a bit of reading around. I have crocheted granny squares but I did not like how they looked and thought I was doing something wrong. I did not know that you had to block them to get the best from them. There is a great visual tute on FLICKR that shows you how to do it. The ones that are blocked will be nice and easy to work with when the cushion cover takes shape. Just need to look up ways of joining them together. I will share my findings.

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  1. Ah Monika it's a revelation the old blocking, makes everything look sooo professional! It's going to be a very lovely cushion. Rest your back and have a good week. ♥


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