Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I feel like a new person

After an extra week off from school, Marcus finally returned on Monday.  I have loved the extra time together, but isn't if funny how the change in routine uproots everything!  This week we are going back to our normal regime. 

I have started on a long over due diet and exercise programme which I hope will have me slimmer and fitter by the summer.

The year's anniversary of my giving up smoking has passed and I really feel like a new person so I need the body to match :lol:  The giving up smoking thing was really hard and I relied entirely upon God for help which has totally worked.  Forget stop smoking aids and just pray.

I need to embellish my boat but there are some chores I need to attend to first so once I am done the work will recommence and I hope to post piccies of a completed work later.

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