Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Why have I been sew scarce?

The primary reason is because I hate blogging without photos. I am forgetful to say the least. We went to John's parent's in August and I unpacked my camera a few weeks ago. That's because I had not a clue where it was. Like I said I am forgetful. I know my faults. What more do you want. :P

Ships ahoy

This boat is for Angelo. I am going to make another one for a friend who has recently had a son too.

So why I have I been scarce, life just got in the way. Hope to improve for 2010.

My inspiration for this creation was found here

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  1. Hi, Monika
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the link. I LOVE your boat! Lucky child who will receive this.
    Dawn (Madison Avenue Baby)


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You let me know I'm not on my own.