Thursday, 14 January 2010

I am having a really proud mother moment.
Marcus has asked me each evening this week to pick him up from school. He is eleven, we live not five minutes from school and he doesn't have to cross a road so he makes his own way there and back.  I no longer do the school run.   He also added that his teacher wanted to 'have a word'.  Based on past experience, this phrase  was not welcome. I have had to have words many times in school and they have not been for favourable reasons. He did insist that it was not bad; but when a child says this you cannot be sure, so I go to school and meet with his teacher who is seems excited.  I wasn't sure what was going on at first but I have been reliably informed that my son is gifted and talented.  Oh my days!  I am in shock.  He is doing exceptionally well in literacy and art and has been selected from his group to be added to the gifted and talented register.  I am thrilled as is he. 

Whoop whoop marcus well done.  :)

He has been working really hard and deserves the credit.  This is just the incentive he needs to maintain his efforts, he goes to high school in September and now rather than being really worried I am really excited for him.

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