Thursday, 24 March 2011

long time no post.

Life has been incredibly hectic recently. 

I did make time to sit with my 7/8" hexagons.  I now have 700.  I am approaching the halfway mark.  I need 1664.  Yes!  That many.  I need to do a few more fifty for fifty fabric swaps to hit that mark. I want this quilt to be as random as possible.  Here's how it is progressing.

My hands are happy with this wip.  I did purchase some new fabric yesterday too.  Very yummy indeed.

I think the red is my fave but I love them all.  I have a project in mind for those wonderful fabrics.

I did get these too...

And these...

I only spent £8.00.  Not bad for all that stash. 

My hands and purse are happy.  What's been making you happy this week.  Let me see...

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  1. Wow! Monika those fabrics are gorgeous and what a bargain, where did you get them?


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