Wednesday, 9 February 2011

one lonely sole

Pun intended. My fingers got to working with this puppy yesterday. I am pleased with how it turned out. Now if I can just make another to approximate this one I will have a pair. I have used this wool

In other news:

Last week my very old PC died. I later found out that it was just a fuse and phew, because I changed it yesterday and talk about in the nick of time as my less than a year old lap top decided to die this morning. Well what can I say. How would I get to Scrapsville via blogland with no computer access? I spoke to the nice Samsung people this morning who informed me that it was dead and needed to go in for emergency treatment. I have been told to expect a courier over the next day or so. That is rather lame as I could do with time and date. Oh well we will see. I will update with the adventures of my laptop as and when they develop.

Thanks for stopping by blogfriends remember your fingers like to be busy. Sit still for a while and let them have some fun.


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  1. Oh so sad about your computer, the up side is while you are waiting for it to recover you can spend time making lovely things!


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