Tuesday, 1 February 2011

not so icky

I went to bed really early and I have gotten up really early.  They do say 'early to bed, early to rise'.  Yep!

My head is very clear this morning.  I have a list of jobs to take care of;

shopping for hair products
photo printing
ingredients for soup

I have already cleaned and laundered.  There is more to do so off I go, but before I do I must share my most recent pages;


  1. glad you are feeling a little better today - and I LOVE your junk journal!!!!

  2. Thanks Sarah, I am feeling much better. Retail therapy helps. :)

  3. So happyfied to hear that you and yours are on the mend : ) Love the eclectic mix of papers, maps and stamps! What a super duper imagination you've got!!

  4. Oh Monika that dreaded lurgy seems to be sweeping the country! I've just gone back to work after a week of feeling shocking. Hopefully you will feel better soon, don't overdo it though cos I did and had a horrible relapse, so look after yourself.


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