Thursday, 9 December 2010

More Carvings

I love carving stamps.  Here are some more that I have made.  My favourite is the leaf.

I love stazon blue teal ink pad it is fab.  The images were stamped with this colour.

I have used erasers bought from the pound shop to make these stamps.  I made two more last night.  A mushroom requested by Marcus and initials for a friend.  I will post pictures later.

I love this craft, it is quick; therefore satisfying, cheap and unique to each carver.  I can't get enough.

Yesterday I went food shopping and ended up in our local Sainsbury's.  I have been checking out erasers on my travels wherever and whenever so this was not an opportunity to be missed.  I found a mega bargain.  Maped erasers, a pack of three, on offer for 3p.  Yes you read it right!  3p for a pack of three making it 1p per eraser.  What can you get for 1p?  As you can image I bought the entire contents from the shelves.  I bought 15 packets which means I have 45 erasers to play with.  This cheap craft, just got cheaper.  Will post pictures of my latest carvings when the light improves.  We are still very dark here.

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  1. they are brilliant Monika

    this is something I desperately want to be able to do....I've bought all the tools and have tried a couple of stamps but I just don't seem to have the control over the tool to cut in a detailed way....either that or I'm using the wrong kind of rubber...I was using those white mars staedtler types. I skid and over cut and just make an almighty mess!

    I'll try some pink pound shop rubbers instead - thanks for the tip!


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