Friday, 10 December 2010

Dark Nights

Dark nights and indeed dark days mean I am staying in much more which might account for my recently much improved blogging record.  

At this time of the year, darkness is not the only thing that seems to be constant.  Sickness has been with us for about a month now; off and on.  Well I can state that I am fed up with nursing sick kids and/or being sick myself, but enough of the negative!  Being in more means my hands get more time to play and as my recent blog posts indicate, they have been very busy indeed.

Today I am carving.  I have crocheting and patchwork distractions but I love the speed of carving.  It gives that instant crafting fix.  Today I am experimenting with a new transfer technique.  I will blog the results whether it works or not but don't expect too much from any images shown here.  I did mention the darkness.  Off to play!

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