Tuesday, 14 December 2010

inkjet image transfer to your eraser (speedystamp) etc.

I love how tos.  Especially when they work and this one does.

Read through all the instructions before jumping in.

You will need:

inkjet printer
speedy stamp/erasers
baking parchment
masking tape
spoon or finger for burnishing.

Step one
Choose your image, reverse and resize to fit your carving material.  (It is absolutely essential to reverse your image if you want to create word stamps.)

Step two
Print your image in draft (so as not to waste ink) on regular printer paper.Cut your parchment slightly larger than the size of your image. Attach this piece of parchment to your original print, directly over the image with masking tape.  (Remove some of the stick by placing your tape on your clothes first, it will be easier to remove from the paper this way).

Step three 
Put this sandwich of papers and tape through your printer and re print the image.  I find draft mode to work really well.

Step four
Once your image is printed peel off your tape and place the image now on the parchment onto your carving surface.  Burnish the image gently with your finger or the back of a spoon.  The image transfers quickly and once it is transfered it is permanent.  Some care is waranted at this stage.  Don't distort the image by rubbing too hard.

Now have fun.  Find or create your own images and transfer your images because it really does work.

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