Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Crafting disaster! Ooops!

I am sharing this disaster so that you can avoid it.  Humph!  I am still really rather cheesed off, but I am hoping that this blog post will be somewhat cathartic.

I am making a 'new birth' present for my friend's baby daughter.  I had been thinking about what I should do.  I wanted to do something that would be with her for a while as opposed to something she will have for the short term.  I decided on a piece for her room. 

Given that I have been carving like a good'un I decided to sew instead!

I decided to the gift personalise and use her name.  She is called 'Evie-Grace'.  That was easy. 

I I'd decided to sew her name; some form of embroidery, but I did not want a long winded project.   I took a short cut and printed the name onto fabric which I would embroider laser.  No disaster there.  I chose a pink.  Obvious I know but which little girl does not like pink!  She will have no choice believe me.

I made a fabric flower and the pink was complimentary to that embellishment.  I had made the flower first.  No disaster there.  5 petals , 5 different fabrics.  I even layered 3 buttons for the centre it is cute.


I used this tute .  As I said.  No disaster there.  I chose my embroidery floss.  With the printed image all ready to go I got to hooping and started a sewing. 

All was going well.  It was going to be done in a short while.

Then disaster. 
The culprit, my iron. 
No matter what I am not to blame.  It was the appliance that let me down.

Today's lesson:  Do not use steam, or drips as the case was with this crafting disaster, when pressing fabric with a non fast ink treatment.  

It is back to the drawing board for me.  I have already printed the image again (I have slightly adjusted the size, it was a bit large). 

 And that was the tale of my crafting disaster.  I hope, by sharing you avoid any such silly mistake!

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