Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I made this. Really I did...

This is my latest creation. It is a wall decoration for my son's bedroom wall.  I really love it.  It has turned out so well.  I know I am blowing my own trumpet on this one, but if you want to comment on this piece of work please feel free to do so.  Your comments are so welcome.  I need to take some up close shots of the rain detail and the blanket stitching on the clouds and the rainbow.  I am going to put one in my shop over the next few days.


It is 24" in length and 13" at its widest point.


  1. oh this is just so sweet i love rainbows , really cute , the meaning behind the rainbow is so awesome . super cute !

  2. Monika!! is wonderful! I love it, I'd love to teach it in my blog with your permission :) It's so beautiful and sweet, I really love!!

    I've read you below, the template is not only for paper (I commented in my blog), I love you do something in felt. I love what you've done!

    I would like that you link my post :) http://dalleuncolinho.blogspot.com/2010/02/proxecto-semanal-nuboso.html

    I'm waiting for your answer, thanks a lot for telling me :)

    Hugs (and sorry for my bad english)
    meni ^-^

  3. Done hun. Will link your post. Thanks I am so grateful. HUGS and I have commented on your blog too.

  4. Hi Monika: D

    You can make the template in a word processor, then only a matter of creativity by changing fonts, colors,... I'm sure it's going to be very good:)

    I hope to do this week or next week, the post where I speak about this. Them I say you :D


  5. I will head over to your place to see just how I get my scratchy drawings to look as good as your original. Thanks for popping by once again.

  6. I looove this,
    and I love your blog so much.
    thanks for sharing all the crafty stuffs you've done.

    And by the way, is your name Monika? Oh I can believe this is so coincidential. My name is Monika, same as yours.

  7. Oh how I love this too! It's totally cute and clever!


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