Saturday, 3 May 2008

In pain in the comfort of my own home

Well yesterday evening was eventful. I'd been having contractions since about 2.30 but they were week and very sparodic so I rested and thought they'd quit of their own accord. Not so. By 3.30 am I was leaving my house to go to the local maternity hospital. Needless to say my little bundle of joy did not arrive. I stayed in hospital overnight and had my contractions grow less and less frequent and less and less strong. I could have stayed in hospital, but to be fair I would much rather be in pain in the comfort of my own home so I left.

I have purchased a box of co-codamol and intend to stay at home, when things start up again, until at least 5 min elapse between each contraction. Last night I went when they were eight minutes apart. They increased to every four minutes but by the time I left the hospital they were really weak and approx 10min apart. I have been advised that because of the position of my little man; face forward, my labour will be long and intense. Lucky ol' me.


  1. ouch!

    sounds like you don't have long to wait - GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. I hope you don't have to wait too long before you hold your new baby.
    Best of luk.

  3. Don't believe all you hear about back to back births... Harry was back to back and he was quick!!! 6 hrs 58 minutes from the very start to him being born:)
    You'll be fine


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