Saturday, 22 March 2008


I am having one of those, I wish I hadn't bothered to get out of bed days today. The day started with bright sunshine and has now deteriorated into complete madness. My hormones are raging and I think I need to be left in a padded cell to be completely safe.

I am ranting. I am hoping that I can dump some of my stressy hissy stuff here so that I don't completely alienate my family. I think if I keep quiet and stay out of the way they will be better off.

Need to get on with some craft projects. That could be the distraction that I need. Might have to do some stash shopping just get the old juices flowing. Hmm that sounds like a plan.


  1. Hiya monika- thanks for leaving a comment on my blog- love your swap art pieces. hope you're feeling calmer today...

  2. hope you're ok Monika, and things are calming with the hormones etc...I'm sure your family understand and love you anyway!
    get the crafting going, you'll forget all about your hormones!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You let me know I'm not on my own.