Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Tim Holtz experience.

I had the fortune of being one of the lucky people who got to meet Tim Holtz at Dawn Bibby's design Studio in Oswaldtwistle today. I did not know what to expect. It was quite an intimate experience. A few crafters huddled around a table to be inspired by Tim, his inks and his sense of colour adventure. He shared a good number of techniques. I wish I had taken a note pad to record some of what he was doing. He demonstrated grungeboard and adirondak crackle paints amongst other things. Unfortunately there were none of his new products for sale today, (design ruler, grungeboard or his new texture hammer) but that was down to shipping. I have placed a preorder and will be notified when the goodies arrive. Something lovely to look forward to. :)

I made a piece of coaster art art as a gift for him wand I did buck up the courage to give to him. He was very receptive to my simple gift and even made me sign my work. How cool is that. Tim Holtz has artwork that I made and it is signed. He made me a lovely tag and signed it for me too.

I also had my picture taken with him and my best friend Cheryl.

I did have a chat with Dawn Bibby. She is so sweet and slim. TV piles the pounds on her. I had my picture taken with her too.

Overall the day was so much more than I could have anticipated. I really enjoyed myself. I was in great company. I met Paul (olbas) on UKS and a few other great people too.

So did meeting Tim Holtz live up to my expectations? In short it exceed them. I am totally in awe of anyone who can do what he does with paper.

Thanks to today, I think I will be an improved crafter.

Here are some images from the day.


  1. FABBY pics, that one of you with Dawn looks like a photographer took (was me, Kaz)
    was a brill day, your photos are fab. good luck with the upcoming new arrival too!

  2. I have been snooping around your blog for a few weeks now, ashamed to say I haven't left a comment looked like you had fun with Tim and Dawn.

  3. glad you had a fabby day meeting Tim, the tag he made you is gorgeous and I love how you have used the techniques learned:)


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