Monday, 24 September 2007

Grab me a bucket

I think I am going to hurl.

Okay so this is not my first pregnancy. I have told enough horror stories to unsuspecting (victims) first time mum's to know that labour is going to be a nightmare, but that is just about 7 and a bit months away so I have got time to get used to the idea and I figure at least you get something for all the pain so it is not all bad.

I have two sons. I have had two pregnancies. I have never ever felt sick. what is is that about?

Okay so theory dictates that if this pregancy is dramatically different from those where boys were my presents, then this one could be a girl. That is a highpoint, but I am feeling icky all the time and that is so much of a low point I cannot tell you.

Feeling sick all the time has quenched my creativity. I cannot do anything except eat and feel sick. Eating stops the sickness feelings that and drinking too, so I am spending all the day eating and drinking not playing.

I am constantly thinking of something to munch or slurp and those of you who have been pregnant will KNOW food is not always a friend. The FAD food is your friend for a week or so and then your enemy. Then you find a new fad food. The cycle continues thus; food friend, food enemy! I am constantly searching for something new to tease those taste buds with.


So why haven't I been blogging? I cannot sit at the keyboard for long enough. I am only doing okay now because I am slurping Tropicana with orangey bits.


  1. ((((hugs)))) know exactly how you feel - carrot sticks are my friend at the moment - take quite a while to nibble and seem to hold the nausea at bay - have to say this is my worst pregnancy for sickness to0 - and it is my sixth!

  2. hope the nausea goes soon... it will be worth it in the long run:)

  3. Hope it goes away soon. Ask them to check you out for Pregnancy Diabetes as I had it & it was responsible for 3/4's of my morning sickness.It carried on 10 months after the birth too so its important they know earlier rather than later to make you more comfortable.

  4. Thanks Paula. I had my first meeting with my midwife (who I adore). She did mention a test that would be done re diabetes. Thanks for the tip hunX


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