Monday, 2 July 2007


My scrap space is usually really messy. I have to admit I am one messy crafter. I have made it my one priority this evening to tidy up. So far I have filled 4 carrier bags with rubbish. I know now great for the environment, but it is doing me the world of good.

Tidying up invariably means rediscovering things I knew I had but couldn't find like some really cool making memories card templates. I am goint to use them on the tag swap that I am hosting on UKS.

I have had fun organising my paints. I did not know I had so many; glass paints, acrylics, silk, watercolour, oils and then there are three dimensional and fabric. Wow. I am such a collector. I do use my acrylics and you never know when the rest will come in handy so they are not ready to go to carrier bag heaven just yet.

I've moved all of my magazines beneath my desk. They used to live on it but it makes more sense for them to be underneath. I haven't bought any for ages and I rarely refer to them. Just for a change I make myself into a liar. John (OH) has just walked in with the July issue of CK. I am very happy. Think I will browse that one whilst in the bath.

Life Laundry they call it don't they. I certainly feel lighter, but the job is only half done and I think I have digressed enough.

Will post piccies when the job is over.

My this was a long post expect silence over the next day or so :lol:

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  1. oooh cant wait to see your space all tidy - youll have to come over and tidy mine next :P


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