Saturday, 7 July 2007

And so a whole week has gone by and what have I been up to creatively. Well I've been card making. John's mum had an important, but well played down birthday beginning with 6 and ending with 0 (Shush I did not tell you) In my opinion she looks amazing. I did not take piccies of the cards but I did make them entirely from scratch using MM template kit. I found this kit in my very messy bedroom and must admit to having had it for almost a year before using it. I think we are all a bit like that aren't we. Anyway loved making and decorating the envelope the most. Both cards were well received so I was chuffed. She even rang me to thank me. Small things make me smile so that is my smile for today having your creativity appreciated.

Yesterday I began making some tags for a swap on UKS. Vintage Lingerie so I have used a pattern for a real corset and decoupaged it. Me and decoupage (tolling). That is a technique I never use. Make your own mind up about how sucessful they are by looking at the images. Click on the imagees for a closer view.

I love taking part in swaps, they allow me to try new techniques and experiment in ways I just don't think of. Yey for swaps. Swaps make me smile too.

I got a package for a swap I am hosting this morning, more tags. I have a whole bundle they are all different and all fabby will take piccies to post here.

Ran out of steam for tidying. In fact I got distracted. Basically I found things to play with. LOL


  1. Love your corsets Monika! I agree I am not a fan of decoupage but it has its uses in certain instances. Can't wait to see the finished tags.

  2. thats the best thing about tidying, finding things that you had forgotten about!! - your corsets look fab!! I love seing the different things you come up with, they are alwasy great but something i wouldnt even think of! xx


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