Sunday, 15 April 2007

When the weather is good...

we usually want to spend more time outside. However I have tried playing with my 'toys' outside and it is just not fun. Someone like me likes to take advantage of the natural light and the fresh air so I lift my blinds and open my windows. That way I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

At the moment I am working on a deco page which has the theme flowers. I found some great quotes surfing the net. I had never made a deco page until last month when I signed up for a swap. Initially I did not know what I was doing and that was a massive stumbling block. Now I know that I don't know what I am meant to be doing and I find that quite liberating. I am not trying to copy a style or recipe so I am going with the flow and I hope that the recipient will love it too.

Will upload images later.

As you can see I did not finish my deco page, but I have completed the ATCs for the Royal Flush swap on UKS. I was given 10 of Diamonds and the notion that we were not to stick to rigidly to the idea that we were using real cards as our inspiration. Diamonds do feature and the number, but they are a suit all unto themselves. Photos were taken at night. Will take some more in the daylight to compare. I am pleased. They are tame, but complete. Someone said something about all artists who aspire to achieve perfection all the time will achieve nothing. I agree with that. In my opinion these ATCs are not perfect, but they are complete.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Monika.
    These cards look terrific


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You let me know I'm not on my own.