Tuesday, 3 May 2011

being grateful

Gratitude is important.  Sometimes reflecting on the blessings in life helps.  The focus is positive rather thank negative.  Looking at what we have as opposed to what we do not.  The glass full approach.  I hope you will join me in being mindful of your own blessings.  Write them down and read them often. 

1   My relationship with God has to come first.  But not just that I have a relationship with him, but what that means to me.  I have real love in my life.  So many blessings have come from knowing God.  I have direction and purpose.  I marvel at the wonders of creation and feel close to him.  When I am troubled I pray or turn to the scriptures for comfort and I find it there. 

2 Being mum!  My kids mean so much.  Their absence this week has shown me how rooted they are in my life.  My eldest is making his own choices and seems to have gone his own way, but I love  him with the same intensity that I do my two boys who still live at home. My role of mum is so important.  It is such a big part of me.  I almost did not know how to be me when they were missing. Their being here makes me happy.

3   Friendships.  Genuine friends are like rare gold.  I love my friends.  Not because they know too much; which does make me laugh, but because they are fab and totally loveable. Friends are the family we choose.

4 Crafthappiness.  I love making things.  I love making things for others.  Happiness is split between the making and the giving.  I have to find ways to make my hands happy :)

5  Sunshine.  The warmth of the sun combined with its light makes me glad to me alive.  It doesn't matter where I am, the sun will always have this affect on me.  It reflects the wonder of creation and brings me back to God.

For the next month I am focsing on being grateful. 

XXX  Happy hands and a grateful heart.

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