Saturday, 12 March 2011

making fun

Someone I love named Kerie gave me a mobile phone.  I did not have one.  I have had a few but chose not to have one because I rather liked being the only person on the planet not to own a mobile phone.  I mean we survived without them when I was growing up.  Anyhoo Kerie has brought me racing into the twenty-first century.  I am now contactable so here's my phone number:

Only joking.  I made this sleeve for it.  Now it looks really pretty.

More prettiness.  My patchwork project has grown.  Only a little but still it is growing...

I do hope you are having a good weekend.  My hands have been kept busy.  Hope your hands make you happy this weekend too!

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  1. That patchwork is stunning Monika, love the fabrics you've chosen. ♥


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