Wednesday, 2 March 2011

busy bee

This week seems to be running at a pace. I cannot belive it is Weds evening already.

I did fnish the cushion panel yesterday. I now need to make the cover (fabric bit) and attach it to it. Pics will fillow.

I have already begun working on some new crocheted squares. I am working on a design for my own cushions. I have happy hands. I will have later when I get to play.

Sometimes do you wonder how you get everything done? Today I have been to the library for a sing song session with wee man. We then went to the supermarket followed by a quick frolic in the jumpy jump in McDonalds. I did that and then got home to finish making the lamb broth that is bubbling away on my stove top for tea. I dismantled a taupalin gazeebo in the garden that hasn't wintered so well and I have yet to vacuum and do the normal day to day chores. Phew! No time to sit, no time to play. There is washing to sort and other jobs that must be done. I will craft, but later. In the resting period, but until then there is much work to be done.

Don't you go getting yourself all chored up, make your hands happy your own way. Leave a comment and I will hit the link and see what you have been up to.

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