Friday, 4 March 2011

blocking made easy

I made these granny squares today.

I got over excited by the cushion I made. I really want to have a cushion of my own or a blanket. That will totally depend on how patient I am. Anyhow. I did get to thinking and thunked and thunked some more about the blocking part. Granny squares are by there very nature not really squares at all. They are made square by blocking which is process using lots of warm water and pins. Try as I might with the other crocheted squares I could not get that 90 degree angle my eye for perfection craved. Thinking on it I came up with this idea.

I have a hand made quilter's block which I covered in black cotton. I have various pale shades which looked nice initially and then post stains looked hideous so I changed for black which can be removed, washed and still appear to be clean. Having this dark background facilitates the next part. I got my quilter's ruler and measured 4" squares and marked the quilter's square with tailors chalk. You will be able to fill in the gaps from this point. I assume. If not hope this picture helps.

I thought I'd share because simple things make my hands happy.

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