Saturday, 19 February 2011

zero calorie cupcakes & v groove cutter splutters

I have been making cupcakes and I am wondering if SUE who always comments and makes me feel like I really know her would like these instead of the shells I promised from my give away. Let me know sue if you want them. If you do they are yours hunny.

Yes my fingers have been made happy here in the world of scrapsville. I have been carving away. I love carving and I keep saying it, but the reasons are simple, it is quick therefore ultra satisfying, each stamp is unique and therefore a great sense of creativity is achieved once you have completed a carving. The only trouble with this craft is getting hold of the speedball v groove cutters which are nigh on impossible to get. If anyone has any clues please pass them onto me.

More carving ideas fill my mind so I am off to do some more creative things. Keep your fingers happy this weekend and if you stop by leave a comment, that way your fingers make me happy too. XX

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  1. Ha! Ha! Monika, I love these! I could use them on my cake boxes when I make a scrummy cake for someone. Your stamps are so pretty and so much harder to make than you make out (I had a little try......disaster, just a lot of bits LOL) So I shall stick to crochet and stuff and wallow in the lovliness of your stamping brilliance!


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