Saturday, 1 May 2010

Gift Wrap

I believe that half the fun of getting a pressie is the anticipation.  Let's face it we all have our ungrateful moments when we receive a gift that just doesn't do it.   Like I said, the anticipation has something to do with the thrill of the gift.  I have an essentials kit for gift wrap.  It is not expensive or particularly exciting but I hope you will agree that the gifts I've wrapped look at least intriguing. 

I am sure you have great tips on wrapping.  Leave a comment and share your ideas. ( A girl can feel quite alone here in Scapsville.)
The Gift Wrap Kit I referred to earlier comprises:
sandwich sacks,
generic wrapping paper with a repeated motif (hence the owls),
string, staples,
glue and tissue paper. 

I haven't made labels but you could use the kit to do that too.  I must say that if I received either one of those gifts I would be intrigued. 

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